23-09-20 Kingsley: Axis of Evil

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

After a morning spent with Claudia strolling Coogee promenade, my curiosity got its way: I’m outside CPS looking for Kingsley in the playground, for it is lunchtime and all the year 1 and 2 kids are out in the Active Playground. Can’t spot Linus but Lila his Kindy buddy says hallo to me through the fence. Where’s Kingsley I ask. Off she goes and before I know it Kingsley’s smiling face bright and delighted is in front of mine. So happy and proud that mumma is here! Best buddies Victor and Jesse are by his side equally thrilled at a nice mumma turning up unannounced at school. Victor tells me he received his package in the mail and loved it. Jesse wants to know about our Playdate tomorrow (yes icecreams are included).

All in all I’m incredibly satisfied that Linus is playful thriving and among friends during lunchtime. Curiosity did good!