24-04-17 Twelve Hour Sleep No Vizī

Monday 24th April 2017

Darling Kingsley I would like to express how pleased I am with your progress in the sleep department. Here is a note I wrote your Paris-based aunty Kym-Natan’s mum…

Overjoyed at Kingsley’s 12 hour sleep last night

Dearest Kym,

Hey news: its been one entire month since Kingsley’s been on the boob! I give thanks EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY FREEDOM. 3 years 3 months lov. My boobs are resting now and very happy about it. I forced it on Kingsley. Told him that my boobs hurt. That the doctor said he can’t have them any longer. That i just must rub and scratch his back for sleep. Kym he sleep better now; sleeps 13 hours straight every bloody night: 6pm through 7am or 7pm through to 8.

Kingsley says ‘NO MORE VIZĪ’

Love its like i have become a new woman. I dont know myself! ! Now i read novels! !! And faff about eating while HE SLEEPS. We only have a bedsit in Greece so we sleep together. Plus i like my cuddles with him!! I won’t give that up yet. So in Summary Kingsley no longer needs boob to sleep; when he sees me nekked he calls out ‘Vizī VIZĪ!!’ And hugs them -like REALLY hugs them so that he puts his wee face between!! However when its nighttime and we’re tucked in bed he turns on his stomach in anticipation for back rubs.

Over to you!

830am today on the school bus after 12 hours sleep