Kingsley: First Month of Solids

Tuesday 29th July 2014

The day King turned six months of age we began a new chapter of babyhood: the introduction of solids. Well, ‘solids’ really doesn’t describe the foodstuff accurately: its more ‘mush’. But such mixtures the infant relishes the taste of, and now that he is mastering the pincer grip – between thumb and forefinger – we have initiated large, medium and small pieces of various foods (no longer puree) for the boy to eat in a self-directed manner.

Even small morsels of cake and crumbs of pumpernickel are gastronomic fodder. Today for example, I allowed the child to enjoy, all by himself, some brioche! Indeed last night at dinner, Erroll and I gave our son chunks of crusty bread and juicy slices of honeydew. We placed them on his highchair tray and Kingsley took his time enjoying the flavours placed on his ‘plate’. A hit! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a future foodie in our midst…

Erroll feeds King 002

cucumber 014 Pasta Carrot 008 Natan 026 Hummus 006

Breakfast before nursery

Breakfast before nursery

Yoghurt and Pool 009 007




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