09-03-19 Kingsley: 2nd Haircut

Saturday 9th March 2019

This morning very bravely you walked all the way from your big boy bedroom to me in the milking station and calmly told me that Ba-Bah has gone to work. Cue my chance to snuggle into bed with you! So off we went at 7am with Keanu in tow having dumped Elektra on JiaJia Dora. Under the top sheet we cuddle all 3 of us Keanu passing out first then me lastly you. I know this because at some point you’re waking me to play the pop-game. Severe sleep deprivation literary inhibits me from playing. You’re frustrated /bored and to top it off, chesty. The chilly weather outside seals my decision: no Jiu-jitsu today. We’re staying put.

Oma comes to us at 2 and she takes you to Scott for your second ever hair cut.  I was secretly harbouring the idea to grow out your excellent curls but that ain’t happening kow that the family have had a taste of your pretty face exposed and free from your mane.

At 4:30 our house becomes a party zone when your cousins Mia & Jake come over.  We bake cookies, chase the cat, draw, chuck things, ride scooters, rip up the sponge floor tiles, wee on the kitchen balcony (!), act crazy. The crazy bit is because I overdose you on Zyrtec: 15 mL instead of the correct dose for your size (2.5mL). Plus sent you out with Oma wesrubg too tight shoes + too short pants + too tight shirt + top tight a jumper. I apologise darling first born child on all these felony counts.