04-05-20 Twins: Two Naps Each

Monday 4th May 2020

The two porkchops out today, now that Australia has eased restrictions on movement. People in the street and in the supermarkets are so much friendlier and chattier now that we don’t live in fear of the loathsome virus.

We shop groceries this afternoon with great bounce in our step for the virus isn’t killing like it was and humanity is slowly coming round to normality once again. Bumped into Tiffany’s mum Elaine whom I’ve not seen for at least 3 years or is it 4? While shopping the babies enjoy yoghurts and crackers, squeezies, plums & grapes. Then nap, twice! Keanu hadn’t napped twice in so long!

Visiting Sylvia’s four chooks in the morning may have wiped the babies out. One chicken let me hug her! I’ve never hugged a hen before! Elektra adores them and watched as they pecked for worms.