Monte Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi

A little bit of Monte Carlo in the UAE. Oh yeas, that’s what I’m talking about: the Monte Carlo Beach Club, les exclusives for those either cashed up or in the know. And let it be stated for the record, yours truly is definitely not in the cashed up brigade. However I am in the know, and my “know” hooked us up for a weekend at this magnificent hideaway…

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The Monte-Carlo lifestyle is built around the concepts of exclusivity, relaxation and chic living. The club itself is nestled in the heart of Saadiyat Beach, Saadiyat Island, one of the natural wonders of Abu Dhabi. Vast pools and shady cabanas are yours if that’s what float’s your boat or wooden walkways, pristine sands and dips in the Arabian Gulf may be more your taste. Either way, once at the Club make the most of its orientation: watch the sunset; delight your senses.

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The Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat is operated by Monte-Carlo SBM, which was founded in 1863 and created the original Monte-Carlo Beach Club in Monaco in the 1920s. Leisure and business tourism, gastronomy and hotels, art and culture, wellness and world-class sport are at the soul of Monte-Carlo SBM.

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Translated this means four fabulous hotels: the Hôtel de Paris, the Hôtel Hermitage, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort and the Monte-Carlo Beach, which was recently renovated by architect-designer India Mahdavi.

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Then there are the thirty restaurant, the very best of which is “Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse” in Monte Carlo’s Hotel De Paris, Place du Casino, one of the top fine dining establishments of the modern era, and a noshery I was fortunate to dine at well over a decade ago (a life-changing encounter I still rate as my finest, most civilized sensory experience.)

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Next there’s Big Boy’s sports and prestigious events such as the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters and the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, both of which are part of the Principality of Monaco’s busy life.

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Fortunate us, here in the Middle East, who get the benefits of uber-style and exclusivity in our back yards, Monte Carlo comes to us. Make your way to Saadiyat island, a 27 sq km true treasure for the world. Launch yourself in the pools; lounge upon the cabanas; stroll the boardwalks to la plâge; sip a mocktail or three. Get thee to the Monte Carlo…

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