03-06-19 Kingsley: On Fire

Monday 3rd June 2019

Our champ was on fire over the weekend playing rugby league for the Coogee Dolphins. The kid has no fear and plays knowing no limits. Unstoppable by the opposition team, he scored so many Trys and tackled so many players that he was awarded for the second time this season Man of Match, taking home the Golden Boot. Our baby Kingsley.

Today at Jiu-jitsu Coach Raf took me aside to let me know why he and Head Coach Mike awarded Kingsley (Kingsguard) his fourth stripe. Its because he is powerful and strong, shows no fear and makes the right moves to dominate his opponent. He’s on track to becoming a world class athlete, he said.

I brought up with him what Kingsley confided in me today, that boys at school kinda like him from a distance but don’t want to play with him. Raf nodded and said he understands; that he endured this himself – boys keeping their distance. It’ll be Kingsguard’s burden he said. Elite athletes in the making will suffer he said. So be prepared.

I cried a little inside but showed only joy and pride toward my son as I hurried him along after class so we can catch the 353 bus service home and snuggle up in bed together.