31-08-17 SwimStairs

Thursday 31st August 2017

We spent the first half of our day in the town square with a new little friend and his mum playing and chattering, looking for their helicopter which had flown up into a tree, then the second half of the day at the beach dipping into Saronic Gulf going up and down the SwimStairs making ever more new friends and sharing their picnic.

After speaking with Erroll who was en route to China for a very long layover, here is my dispatch…

Dear familia,
Today was extraordinary- with so much to entice Kingsley and I to get about in the outdoors. We met no less than 10 good-natured, civilized people on our adventures. One elderly fellow was retired Surgery Professor of Medicine a la plâge with his excellent family who taught Kingsley all about spear-fishing! Another was a older gent who shared his watermelon and feta cheese!! A young mum of one year old twins & a 4 year old ‘Aristėdes’ would not part from our company & asked us to visit them in their seaside mansion at 62 Poseidon Way!!

Days to go till Kingsley starts preschool in Miss Ioānna’s classroom so we’re making the most of nature. Here are some snaps…