09-01-21 Kingsley: Louis’ Birthday

Saturday 9th January 2021

A first for us: exploring Hillsdale a strange little suburb where Kingsley’s class buddy Louis lives. Because the babies are wide awake and hysterically crying in protest when “Νινί” dives out of the car without a farewell, leaping from almost moving vehicle into the park where buddy Louis is playing, we make the call leaving Linus there while we try to settle the babies (it doesn’t work). Erroll and I most reluctantly drive off.

Figuring we can’t just abandon Kingsley there without so much as telling Louis’ mum, I return to the park avd Erroll must deal with the crying children. Kingsley upon spotting me calls out to Jenny ‘here comes mum!’. Jenny thought I’d gone home to put the babies to sleep; poor abandoned Kingsley told her as much.

Balance was restored and the party commenced, Kingsley’s little class mates turning up one by one making a crew eating nothing, thirsty but not willing to stop the play. Jesse, Jensen, Louis, Tyler and India all run like crazy red faced avd each time I’d shove a sausage in Kingsley’s face he claimed not to be hungry.

Near impossible to leave the party especially since Spidermam arrived and took the kids through their paces, then ice lollies are presented to the kids and jelly cups. Still no food! Kingsley is pale and red faced at the same time! Drink water I say. Guzzles a bit then runs off to play with Jesse.

In the evening Kingsley and Erroll attend party #2, at Antony and Mikayla’s Bondi pad. He’s bone tired but won’t say no to going. All I ask of Erroll is to feed him and keep up the hydration. None of which happened as evidenced by when Linus got home he was thirsty and hungry. I’m hungry mummy! Cheesy toast and a glass of milk later he’s ready for teeth and bed.