16-11-18 26 Weeks Along

Friday 16th November 2018

Today I popped on a frock Anne Sinclair the PonyGirl gave me on my recent trip to Glasgow. This blue number. And it is tight. 

At 26 weeks along I’m huge, eating non stop, unable to balance this insatiable appetite with the heavy burden of reflux (and god-awful constipation /the runs mix thanks to horrible iron suppliments).

But these two fellas don’t know any of this. All they see is big belly…and new pink hair! At 8:30 this morning I fled the house for Bondi leaving Kingsley with his JiaJia watering the front garden. 4 hours later I tip toe up the back steps to find them playing ‘Go Fish’ (otherwise referred to as ‘Fishy Go’ by the child) on the balcony. So cute and in tune!

A couple hours later Erroll arrives. The hair is a hit! Relieving JiaJia from preschooler duties, we three hang out on the garden making moon eyes at each other and my huge belly full of bebĕs…