Kingsley: Highly Spirited

30th March 2013

I wonder whether this child shall become as boisterous and outgoing as his mum? Or as quiet and contemplative as his dad?

Kingsley Charles Hartley - at 16 weeks of age

Kingsley Charles Hartley – at 16 weeks of age

At sixteen weeks of age Kingsley is most certainly displaying signs of high spiritedness, of a great energy compliment and a thumping tempo. He is go-go-go: feisty, vocal and very active. In fact he seems ready to jump (and squirm, and wriggle and kick) into any situation.

And speaking of vocal, when Kingsley wants something, he wants it now! Milk? NOW! A change of scene? NOW! A nap? NOW NOW NOW!!! Opinionated, very chatty, and – dare I say it – kinda moody; going quickly from happy to devastated and upset and back again. For example when merrily on the boob but then, all of a sudden, when it occurs to him, the boob is not providing a quick enough milkshake, the child bobs off, moans, then squeals in frustration as if to say “WHERE IS MY MILK, MUM?”

Spirited Kingsley is like a newborn colt – bets are on…


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