22-02-17 Kicked Out of the Club

Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Well here is a first for Kingsley: being kicked out of a soft play. You see Kingsley was warned  by the attendant not once, but twice for his pushing and shoving of other kiddies. I too was kept in the loop but really didn’t think much of it as the soft play area was filled with kids really to rumble…but not according to the other parents who don’t take kindly to an exuberant boy knocking over their own.

Disgraced parent and distressed / thirsty / confused / tired toddler resulted in waling and crying and protests that is not fair. After chastising my son and following through with my threat to leave Mini Monsters since he has been kicked out, I became a little more philosophical: as much as this kiddo is rough and brutish he is also loving and seeks kisses. Having been kicked out of his favourite soft play area for bad pushing another little one down the slippery slide he became distraught and flummoxed. I became sad for him. Kingsley cried. Then after a calming mumma-kiddo chat, this – as many kisses as he could plant on me…

Eating crisps (I never let him eat crisps)

Hugging lovely Tati

My buddy having a well earned break from playing at Mini Monsters

Just after Kingsley got kicked out of Mini Monsters for rough play