Kingsley: Breastfed

Much to my surprise, Kingsley is still on the breast. I could never have concieved that nine months down the line, we would be enjoying a bountiful and beautiful breastfeeding relationship. The horrors of those early days as he gnawed at tender, blistered, raw and cracked nipples (who am I kidding – it was weeks) are completely evaporated.

All I know now is a heavenly bond which we both eagerly anticipate, every time he searches for the boob. Kingsley has attained mastery at suckling, and I fall back in relaxation as all the feel-good hormones wash over me as he goes at it.

Whether at home, by the pool, or at a restaurant, when the infant is ready for a feed, so am I!

At MORE Cafe, DIFC, Dubai

At MORE Cafe, DIFC, Dubai


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