19-07-20 Twins: Erroll’s Flying

Sunday 19th July 2020

Whenever Erroll is flying my anxiety rears its bumpy head and makes me a little crazy. Today was no exception. Trying to get Kingsley fed and ready for Oma’s visit, as well as the twins organised washed changed fed and strapped in the buggy before their meltdowns is a challenge indeed.

But I don’t drop too many balls. The babies and I are out the door by 11, bottles in mouths, Elektra asleep before Keanu and because I don’t want to disturb their napping, we walk from 60 Brook Street Coogee to opposite NIDA on Anzac Pde Kensington to catch the 400 to Eastgardens.

Here they wake, hungry, and ready for food and a change of nappies. Both are in happy, generous and high spirited moods waving to all passers-bys. Elektra is a ratbag though removing her new yellow hair band and tossing it somewhere in Coles. Keanu only takes out his dummy for strawberries, and when I have to give him a full bath in the tub of the Parents Room after a gargantuan poo.