Kingsley: Sent Home

Monday 23rd June 2014

Well here is a first: our boy being sent home from nursery. I received the news at 9:30AM via phonecall from Erroll. I took Erroll’s call thinking he would be giving me the usual pleasant morning news: that Kingsley had just been dropped off at nursery and like his bonny self, was chipper among the toys and glad to be handed over to nurse Rona. But it was the opposite today for it was discovered that our child was driving a fever, was coughing and sounded alarmingly chesty, so much so that he was not allowed to remain in nursery.

Kingsley at 5 months, Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai, May 2014

Kingsley at 5 months, Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai, May 2014

I of course became frantic at this report and turned accusatory and very bossy. Poor Erroll copped it. Is Kingsley wearing a hat ?(Its 45 degrees outside today.) Have you given him water (I had just washed his sippy cup before leaving for work; DID YOU FILL IT??) What fabrics did you dress the child in???

Stuck in my office, in front of a damn laptop a hot flush crept over my neck and face. Deeply dissatisfied (and disappointed at myself) at not hastening to my son’s side all I felt was a rush of what I can only describe as instinct: my instinct told me to be with my baby; be a full time mummabear. I resolved then to resign. Maybe not this week, but definitely soon. If my boy is to be sent home from nursery poorly, then I should be the one to nurse him better.

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