Kingsley: Ramadan Day 7

Monday 6th July 2014

Immediately after work: the pool. It is sonic heat here in Dubai this time of year. Reaching fifty degrees centigrade with a humidity level of sixty percent makes for one steamy afternoon. The only way to cool off is with a swim.

Never mind the piety required for the Holy Month – you know: dressing modestly and showing no skin – my son cannot bear the temperatures and nor can I. So its off with my elbow-to-knee work attire and on with a swimsuit dear friend Anne the Pony Girl gifted me before she flew to Scotia some time back. The boy? Well he is modeling new trunks our other family friend Camilla thought King could wear when he turns nine months. Ha! At six months those chunky thighs fit perfectly. Swim-time it is then…

Pool 023 Pool 024 Pool 025 Pool 030

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