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Here is the horse I learned to ride on. Actually, Smudge was my second horse, the first being an old lumbering town horse who could hardly be bothered to get into a canter. Smudge and I became partners. Each weekend, early … Continue reading

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Colours: Dubai in Autumn

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A very welcome coolness kicks in when Autumn comes round each year to bring relief to our collective, overheated flesh, in those of us living in Dubai. With this season comes a marked reduction in not only temperatures and humidity … Continue reading

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Burj Al Arab

Dubai brings extraordinary ambition in the form of exciting architectural fetes and structural engineering not seen in other parts of the world. When money does not preclude the realization of imagination, the only thing stopping the construction of a building … Continue reading

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Blinged Out

Flashy! Ostentatious!! Bedazzled!!! Sure is, this blinged-out array of ladies handbags. Whether it be festooning mobile phones or tooth caps, chunky necklaces or these fashion accessories for the lady who ain’t quite the wall flower, bling bling seems always to … Continue reading

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Parklife: Al Barsha Park, Dubai

A discovery! Parklife in Dubai!! Al Barsha Park, how pretty you are; how green is your grass; how stout are your palm trees, and how merry are your ducks. Well us townfolk ran about in nature with reckless abandon too … Continue reading

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Dubai Metro During the Golden Hour

With four glorious days of perpetual sunshine left before Christmas (and Mr. H out of town; well actually in frozen Moscow, no less) my imagination requested to be taken on an adventure. That my good self take my good camera … Continue reading

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30 Days of Gratefulness-Ramadan Part 19: Gulf Waters Gulf Oil

One of the most critical bodies of water in world politics is right at my door step, here in the heart of the Middle East. My local hotwater whirlpool as I’ve named it; salty, warm and very inviting, the Arabian Gulf creates … Continue reading

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30 Days of Gratefulness: Ramadan Part 7: Gainful Employment

Question: What value do I place on “work”? From where did I recieve my work ethic? How was I influenced? Why is it that I consider it important that I succeed in the workplace? Observing my Muslim colleague fast; striving for betterment in their personal relationship with … Continue reading

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30 Days of Gratefulness-Ramadan Pt 5: Sky

Same sky above me, but what an assortment of canopies! Still no matter where I look up from; whichever patch of earth my feet are planted – be it the aerotropolis of Dubai, the marbled Pantheons of Classical Greece or the castaway … Continue reading

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30 Days of Gratefulness – Ramadan Part 4: Modern Architecture

Today in Dubai a remarkable heat came over the city. A torrid dog day afternoon blaze beat down on my head as I walked the kilometer home, from Dubai Mall to DIFC – the Dubai International Financial Centre, after meeting friend Anne … Continue reading

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