13-09-16 Nook

Tuesday 13th September 2016

Our morning begins blessedly late – at 10am – by the time Kingsley and I slink out of bed. Erroll is with us, on the seventh day, after another terrific layover seeing family and friends in Auckland and Sydney, getting in at 7am. He is shattered naturally; these 20 hour days including 14 hour work flights across many time zones are not for the faint hearted. We, on the other hand, are sprightly after a ten hour sleep on our Italian Tempur mattress, heads resting on Egyptian cotton pillowslips. So we let Eroll sleep it off.

I prepare the lazy Mumma’s breakfast: toast. Meanwhile out in the living room, Kingsley gets comfy in his personalized nook. It’s his space filled with favourite things: tent, toy box, ride-on dog, scooter, pillows, cars, trains…and iPad. Even though it looks as though he has a lot (and he does seem to have a lot), the iPad is what gets his attention each time, and what I use to feed him. Never thought I’d be that kind of Mumma, however I now am: I love the iPad and it has saved me from many a feeding time battle. In fact, right here in today’s images, I sneak in his two slices of peanut butter toast, little mouth hanging open as I shoved in pieces, while he watches the Greek version of Peppa Da Pig. No shame in it!


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