29-11-17 PawPaw’s Barn

Wednesday 29th November 2017

By 6:30am Erroll is bringing Kingsley into the back bedroom for cuddles; I am in the deepest sleep when I sense a little person attempting to climb into bed. You see each morning the little one wakes and asks for Mumma – I of course am enjoying uninterrupted sleep away from Kingsley…and I secretly love it! Erroll too is relishing his sleep cuddled up to Kingsley; it’s just that finally after almost 4 years I get to sleep alone!!

Its the first morning with a mouthful of metal; Kingsley’s got grills now! He’s as happy as a clam, no longer suffering intermittent tooth pain, cavities are filled and he is ready to play outside before any of us are woken up.  He gets youghurt, milk, mushy banana. Then we are out the door to a glorious Autumn day hanging around PawPaw’s barn inside of which is the go-kart, his favourite ride-on…