13-05-20 Twins: Queens Park

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Today’s adventure with the babies while Kingsley is at school and Erroll snoozes in the standby lounge takes us to Queens Park.

Here we witness a wonderful moment. A supped-up car driven by an idiot overtakes atrridiculous speed a black SUV on Darley Road adjacent to pedestrian crossings, scores of families with kids on bikes, hoons past us, revs and pistons going crazy flashes past, drives at high speed, then gives the black SUV the middle finger! Before our very eyes the black SUV transforms into a POLICE VEHICLE red & blue lights flashing, that familiar siren goes off, and onwards the car chase. So many of us clap and cheer the police!! We’re ecstatic!!

Kids just munch on their high fibre white bread loaf oblivious to the justice being meted out before my very eyes while I speed up myself pushing them up Darley road to watch the idiot in the supped-up car get the book thrown at them by young (looking) under cover cops! These guys step out of the black SUV looking exactly like two Errolls! T-shirts, shorts, NIKE shoes & socks to the shins.

With my faith in humanity restored onward we trudge through the dedicated dog area in Queens Park to watch the hounds at play. Babies are intrigued and delighted making oohh sounds, pointing tiny fingers and watching the fun, laughter too they sound so happy here…till a high energy black cavoodle in the midst of a wild chase crashes into the Valco Snap DUO sending Elektra into shock! The tears! She’s reeling! Sobs and with some cuddles recovers…till a second dog bounds up to sniff at her toes…then a third!! She’s beside herself!

Still loves the dogs and oooh’s at them as we take leave of the park. But I suspect prefers them at a distance.