27-06-19 Elektra: Singing 

Thursday 27th June 2019

Our girl wants to SING! Our little firebrand has a voice and wants it to be HEARD! All day – from waking up till put to bed – Elektra cheeps and chimes; her voice shrill and tinny yet crystal clear and precise. Its the voice of an infant thrilled with the world and feeling secure in it.

She’s my accompanying minor on the school run this arvo, happy to pass out in the Mamas & Papas carrier from Coogee to Bondi Junction, on the train to Town Hall and seated at the bar while visiting  Julian Swindells at his hotel.

This morning however we took both babies out. Rarely do we but this time we thought to cheer Julia up during her stay in hospital the twins should come along. So easy and chilled are they! So quiet and smiling are they! Keanu our stoic Viking ruling from his Maxi Cosi baby seat rocking in Julia’s hospital room while Elektra belting out some high  pitched toons.