08-10-17 New Old Friend

Sunday 8th October 2017

You made a new friend from an old adversary today, at the playground. The old adversary’s older, 8 year old brother Enrīco you already played with (really well) during the summer. At the beach one afternoon early September I remember a bunch of older boys befriended you and you made them glad of the acquaintance. You see you came equipped with not only a few balls but a spray-on SPF which you all readily emptied spraying happy faces on each other’s tanned tummies.

Well Enrīco’s little bro, Alěxandros, who was petrified of you last year, has now become your new best friend. Same age, you both today made immediately friends and seem to have forgotten that one day last year you butted heads resulting in a nose bleed for Alex. From the moment of his nose bleeding Alex has literally tun away from you. But not today. Today over 4 hours you played so well together, shared food, water, toys, your patīni. Even fed a black cat chicken leftovers. And now all three boys are firm friends with a playdate set for Tuesday arvo.