05-08-20 Kingsley: No Devices Day 3

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Its day 3 of no devices and Kingsley has never behaved better. No devise in the morning and none at night. No movies, tv series, Netflix or Pink Panther episodes. Zero screen time for our previous son. What he does get is study support books, maths problems, reading and comprehension, writing words and of course looking through the books he borrows from the library.

This morning Kingsley sat with me to read his school reader and I in turn read him a book. The three egg omelet and bifteki went down a treat. He is ready for yoghurt and apple before heading off to learn great things in Miss Sanzari’s classroom.

Yesterday we had parent teacher interview over the phone. Her verdict: a good worker, great class mate, loves and is good at maths, currently reading Level 17/18 but is capable of Level 19/20. Is ready to go there and can read but doesn’t comprehend or answer questions based on what he just read. So what I must do is ask him questions to make the book come alive in his mind. I’m so excited to be part of Kingsley’s journey.