27-08-17 First Dips with Aliki

Sunday 27th August 2017

Our first dips for the season! The weather is extraordinary – sunshine, cool breeze, warmth and clean seas. Best of all Linus gets to spend family time with his JiaJia, great aunt JiaJia Marina and his absolute favourite cousin Aliki.

Morning Kingsley eats breakfast on the balcony with JiaJia: cheese, toast, Kalamata olives, milky coffee. They’re off to our local supermarket where by Mummà’s account, Kingsley is made very welcome by the staff.

By 1pm we’re all beachside. Kingsley warms up slowly; he searches for Aliki everywhere. We even search up on the cliffs. A boy same aged befriends Kingsley and they swim! Hours of swimming with Dionysus!

Aliki joins us later on and the cousins are glued together dunking and diving. Farewell little Dionysus. Aliki is Kingsley’s favourite for first dips.