17-09-16 The Toy Store

Saturday 17th September 2016

For ten solid years I considered it a ‘great’ Saturday night if I ended up in the club dancing till it became Sunday night, usually on a podium and wearing hot pants and a bandeau. Didn’t bother me much with whom; I’d always find a crew of, er, like minded individuals who cared for nought much else than instant gratification and high-fiving the door bitches/bouncers for express rockstar access. Our photos were often enough published in some street magazine; didn’t even matter to us. We were living large.

Now my thrills comes in the form of a walk to the Dubai Mall after dark (and most certainly after a two hour laydown/nap with the little one), in a sensible sandal to shop for groceries, mooch around in the German-origin thrift store, Tschibo, and end up at Kingsley’s favourite indoor playcenter, The Toy Store. Plus, I’ve discovered how tasty food is; something I didn’t really do back in the day.

My podium days are gladly behind me; that baton handed over to whoever wants to deal with those god awful doorbitches; sorry – Hostesses. However as you can see me and my new crew are still being papped by photographers. The wild Mumma times of a former wild child live on, albeit in sensible shoes and a kaftan…

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