France: Summer ’18

A Letter Kingsley wrote to Oma

Oma hi!! I’m 5500 feet high up onto the French Alpes past Grenoble and into Autrans. I run about telling my friends Natan and Lilly ‘this is where Heidi lives!’.

Its beautiful lush green and breathtaking. The manor we are living in is extraordinary – double storey 5 bedrooms 3 sitting rooms challet with sweeping mountain and prairie views. Endless green to run and explore. Farms everywhere. In winter this place transforms into world class skiing. In fact Autrans was where the 1968 Grenoble winter olympics held its ski jumping events.

Its warm to very hot up here every day with intense sun. My friends Lilly (20 months) and 5 year old Natan are very outdoorsy active and we are feeding animals or runnng through meadows all day.

Mummà tells me we are incredibly safe here.

Here are some photos.

Love Number One xx

P.s. We feed chickens rabbits cows and horses.