Kingsley: Fever

Monday 27th October, Dubai

Day three of high temperatures, fever, crying and distress: Kingsley is only settled when a suppository of Voltaren works its magic, and even then, he insists on hanging from my boob. He is miserable. But happy at the same time. Cute kid! Jiajia Dora has been a saviour, keeping Kingsley at home while I work, and even with such a handful, managed to bake my favourite cookies koulourakia and a cake.

Fever is a healthy sign the body is working properly to fight and overcome an infection. Through a chemical reaction, the body elevates its core temperature in effort to stop viruses and bacteria from replicating. The most common sources of infection in children are viruses. Young children can often have up to ten viral illnesses with fever each year – especially if they are in nursery (that’s YOU Kingsley).

What freaks every parent is the horrible potential for brain damage. But as I read just now, only body temperatures above 108° F (42° C) can cause brain damage (Kingsley’s temperature read 39.3° C on Sunday). The body temperature climbs this high only with extreme environmental temperatures (for example, if a child is confined to a closed car in hot weather).

The second of my concerns is allowing a febrile seizure to begin (due to my inaction in dampening his fever). But once again, I read and I am comforted, for only 4% of chirren have seizures triggered by fever. Phew. Put into perspective.

Now, hand me the cake, mum…

Kingsley's Jiajia Dora with her delicious baked goods. Sunday 25th October 2014

Kingsley’s Jiajia Dora with her delicious baked goods. Sunday 25th October 2014

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