22-04-18 Kinonīa at Eklisīa

Sunday 22nd April 2018

How on earth I manage to wake up this morning after such a boozy wedding last night can only be due to Linus waking me. I’m delirious. Especially since staying up even later once I got home to bloodywell gorge on a midnight meal.

But up I get, even preparing eggs for the little man, getting both of us dressed and out the door for the 9:30am 374 bus service which will take us to church.

Its Kingsley who enters church first; he gingerly walks in, spots JiaJia, waves to her and runs into her skirt. The church ladies all discreetly chap and cheer this very sweet display between grandson and granma temporarily forgetting their aching backs; prostration for Jesus can wait just a moment longer.

We take Holy Communion, his little mouth projecting in a voice for all to hear ‘me lěne Dorötheos’ to pur priest. Then thanks him! (‘Matalăvame’ Kingsley proudly declares to the church elder who hands out hunks of unlevened bread). He trots back into JiaJia’s pew and gnaws at the bread. Everyone resumes their clapping and cheering.