21-10-20 Twins: Sydney Park

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Years have passed since seeing Jennifer Henry. I’ve gone from one to three babies and have repatriated since then. She’s gone through a divorce, a mental breakdown but now has a glorious 10 year old daughter and two dogs. Time I met up with her and she meet the twins.

We walk for a long while enjoying summer breezes, blue skies, the stunning waterways of Sydney Park Jen’s two pups throwing themselves into ponds emerging muddy. The babies are thrilled with four legged company! Running with dogs is their thing!

They do get stuck however at a bubbler insisting on turning on the tap for passing dogs thirsty for water. Keanu plays the gate keeper to water, each dog who approaches Keanu lures over by turning on the tap. Passers-by’s clap and cheer!

Time to trudge back to the pram which we left at the Cafe but the twins are tired, can’t move, cry and flop to the ground. Jen notes they cannot move a meter further, so I run back to get the pram while Jen and her pups lay down on the grass Keanu laying next to the dogs patting them and asking after each one up to their wet snout. Elektra more curcumspect drinks her milk and fondles their curls inching closer and closer till she is hugging Bronte by time I’m back.

A great success of a day among friends, dogs and nature.