18-03-18 Social at The Bangalow Pub

Sunday 18th March 2018

This morning Linus and I wander through town drinking baby Chino at the cafe and patting the locals’ friendly dogs. We visit the horse riding club and walk a sweet dog called Violet before hitting the playground near Inosha’s place. As is custom Kingsley’s enthusiasm for the outdoors overwhelms his digestive system so to Christen the park is inevitable.

With a bounce in his step he approaches a boy whose family home backs onto the park. ‘Do you want to play? Can I play here with you?’ he asks what turns out to be 12 year old Oliver. They go nuts on the trampoline. No timid jumping nor losing precious playing time with small talk. These kids go hard and play MMA style moves on each other. Kingsley full on bodyslams Oliver. Oliver in turn puts him in a leg lock till Kingsley submits.

Next social activity is The Social at Bangalow Pub. Kingsley’s among old friends; perched up high on a tall stool he’s comfy and able to watch proceedings. He eats his schnitzel & french fries then we play Super Mario and  pool for hours.

Jiajia Dora and Nonā Marlen pay us a surprise visit tonight! Rapping on Oma’s door late tonight they put Kingsley in a tail spin. He is literally YELLING SO ENTHUSIASTICALLY pulling JiaJia here and there showing her Oma’s house so proudly each room combed through with precision Kingsley describing where he sleeps, who’s in these photos, daddy’s old toys, Oma’s special bedroom, the couch he relaxes on and the blocks he plays with. Every important element of ‘our house’ explained to our surprise visitors.

Needless to say Kingsley is so wound up its impossible to put him to sleep. Kept asking as I scratch/rub his back, where is JiaJia? Where is Marlen? (Funnily, he calls her not Nonā but Marlen today). An hour later, exhausted from his previous deranged vitality, he’s snoring mouth agape.