Full Time Mumma: Day 22 Home Visits

Wednesday 22nd February 2015

Great news: nursery did not call me today. Which means that Kingsley did not develop a fever, and his cough did not prompt the nurse’s concern. Phew. And that meant I could enjoy a much desired lunch with an old work colleague and her excellent mum, who is here on holidays. We three ate royally, at one of my favourite spots, the Lebanese cuisine of Wafi Gourmet overlooking the Dubai fountains.

Here, dining al fresco, a winter sun warmed our arms and the magnificent water fountains danced to classical tunes. While dipping bread in hummus, spooning tabouli and slicing up the chicken shish tawook, it struck me: I am only now, at exactly three weeks since finishing up at work, feeling ‘relaxed’.

After our lazy lunch I am surprised my legs want to propel me forward. But to the infant I must go, for this afternoon we await the visit of Sunny and Makenzie, our friends. And with a relaxed state of mind I take my time walking to collect the child from nursery. Twenty minutes later, we are arrived home, immediately slipping into comfy clothes, and mega doses of Sunny love is coming Kingsley’s way…

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