Nashville Thanksgiving ’17

Thursday November 2017

The magic of an American feast day is upon us. Thanksgiving is so important to Erroll’s dad and the Tennessee side of his family that we fly here for our second year to be part of the family celebrations. All morning Kingsley played with cousin Ward – baseball, soccer, trampolining and climbing. He even got to go across the street holding hands with his cousin to visit Ward’s best friend. Such a big boy now calling on other boys without his Mumma and Ba-Bâh!!

Not only that, Kingsley behaved so well at the table, greeting his Paw-Paw with a ‘Happy Thanksgiving, Paw-Paw’, thanking his Granna for dinner, eating three helpings of smoked turkey, and asking to be excused from the table once he was done with a ‘…may i be excused, Paw-Paw?’ and spending quality time with his Great Aunt Renee going to the loo.

We ended up in a fantastic play area called the Children’s Village in Old Hickory – the riverside precinct I am now obsessing over such is its pristine beauty. Kingsley made friends with two little girls, we all played Baby Shark, then a sing-a-long We’re going on a Duck Hunt and I was chasing the three preschoolers so became the cool mum at the playground.