15-09-19 Twins: Kassandra

Sunday 15th September 2019

Its all hands on deck today. Erroll flies early, I’ve got the three babies and even manage to take Kingsley to swim school for his 8:30am start. Strong men help carry the double stroller up to the pool deck and while Linus learns strokes I feed the wee fatties all sorts of goodness in small jars.

The walk home is delightful and seems the summer has started. Its all easy abd pleasant while out but once in the babies ate bored and Kingsley wants attention (or is thst vice versa). To the rescue Maria our neighbour and her two puppers, Brigitte from next door and family friend Kassandra who sweeps in with three trucks of clothing for the twins.

Madeline doll, two Teletubbies (yellow La-La & pink Po) plus endless stylish outfits all from her time when she and my Νονά owned a children’s boutique). Its the helping hands of all three women who take charge and allow me to sit for a moment and actually zone out, something I’ve not done for over 7 months.