10-11-20 Twins: Hillsdale

Tuesday 10th November 2020

The babies are becoming more and more clingy wanting 100% attachment to either Erroll or I even when we must go to the loo. I am suspecting its because we’re so much fun but its also because I’m forever doing chores so I often miss out of the funsies tousle on the bed or drawing together.

Today’s no different: they wave daddy goodbye and Elektra calls out “bye” ten times when Erroll walks down the outside steps to take Kingsley to school. Well Keanu is not staying behind; he’s going too!

These days it’s impossible to keep the toddlers indoors; they want out. Front or bank yard they don’t mind. And outside they don’t pull each other’s hair, so we’re outside eating mango for breakfast. And out of the house to pay dad a visit and γιαγιά Μαρίκα.

To everyone’s astonishment Elektra approaches Μαρίκας grave as mum tends to it, points at her picture on the gravestone, and says “Γιαγιά”. Of course mum loses her composure, Erroll is in shock as Elektra continues with calling her grest grandmother “Γιαγιά”.

Το celebrate both babies napping inthe car earlier this morning and Elektra knowing who her προγιαγιά is, we shop at Hillsdale. The babies feeling peckish in the shopping cart is standard so stuffing them with food keeps the grocery shopping experience pleasant. Keanu wants tiny plum tomatoes sweet and juicy; Elektra wants a passionfruit yoghurt.