Kingsley: Family Hartley

17th February 2018

After a month apart, this wee Family Hartley is reunited in Dubai. It takes no time to get reacquainted with one another especially since we get to open our Chrissy  pressies from our Australian family (long overdue but so much fun; Kingsley is allowed one pressie to open per day).

Slipping back into our routine like we hadn’t missed a beat: 1) Kingsley wakes me before Erroll, claiming he’s had enough of sleep; 2) Erroll remains blissfully asleep while Kingsley & I slink to the living room to play; 3) the child’s hunger strikes and we cook eggs and pasta; 4) Kingsley plays as much as possible / watched so much YouTube his eyes glaze over; 5) Time to wake Erroll: gently the child creeps into our bedroom, jumps in bed, kisses his daddy’s face till the Prince awakes; 6) Mumma makes Ba-Bah a milkshay. Today its blueberry, care of the frozen Aussie blueberries Oma gave Erroll last week; 7) open pressies and love one another endlessly.