Kingsley: 10-1-14 Bridesmaid

By the 38th week of gestation, I had just about given up on ever getting relief from the pain and discomfort I was enduring carting around such a weight. It was ruthless; the sciatica, the dislodged ribs, the middle back agony, and the hourly visits to the loo at night. However I was willing the baby to take its sweet time in coming to this world. A full term bebe – 40 weeks – was what both Erroll and I wished for and I did everything in my power to remain healthy, strong and upbeat for this very thing to happen.

And so I dressed up as a bridesmaid for the wedding of our friends Rio and Adam, just as they wanted – in this golden, Grecian style gown. I laughed, I smiled, I danced and I looked the pat. Two weeks out from due date I walked my friends down the aisle at 3PM, and by 1AM I was still on the dance floor, bunny ears firmly on my head, and baby not going anywhere.

38 weeks pregnant with the yet unnamed Kingsley

38 weeks pregnant with the yet unnamed Kingsley

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