23-07-19 Twins: Dress-ups

Tuesday 23rd July 2019

Kingsley heads off to first day of Coogee Public Term 3 but before doing so hops into bed with Keanu and I for morning cuddles. Keanu is in raptures over seeing his big bro.

Next its Elektra’s turn for a Kingsley hit. He dives into her rocking chair. I am genuinely surprised how it hasn’t broken what with 28kg bearing down on it sdded to Elektra’s hefty 7.5kg.

Kingsley gone to school I’m left with both babies and now its time for the last baths they’ll have in the bathroom sink. Tomorrow they’ll graduate into an actual bath. But for now its a warm flannel on their bits and a running tap on their fst bellies. Neither baby can move an inch let alone kick their legs. But it is mega cute in the sink (forme watching anyhow).

Clean and fresh the babies get dressed.