28-03-20 Twins: Coogee Oval

Saturday 28th March 2020

Covid-19 continues to decimate small and large businesses alike. Today was Erroll’s last duty as a cabin crew, stood down as all crew have been. He left early for airport standby sent me photos in his uniform, and to take my mind off the terrible situation upon us all, the double stroller comes to ny rescue. Out I bundle the babies for our long walk.

Its one of those walks where both babies nap not once but twice. We’re out from 10:30am leaving Kingsley with γιαγιά (and my old Samsung mobile) while we walk to Randwick for a shop (goats milk is on special 50c down from $5.50 (I’ll take 3 bottles please) then down to Coogee Beach which is cordoned off, closed to the public.

We walk further, speak with business owners: one guy let go of 24 out of 26 staff. Even Woolies is quieter. People are reticent to leave their homes.

Erroll joins us after his final duty, out of his uniform and onto Coogee oval to let the babies crawl about on the longish growing grass. They spot him, Elektra cracks the widest smile, Keanu grunts through his πιπίλα. Both go nude in the sunshine nappies off till we walk home and Elektra passes out.

Home its a mess: Keanu vomits all over the balcony (too hard pieces of pear lodge in his throat and he vomits his entire dinner up) and Elektra’s gift to me is a massive poo smeared all over the floor of the nursery including timber floor, sisal carpet and beautiful hand sewn floor quilt.

All I do is clean or feed these days I swear.