22-01-21 Kingsley: Flights to Ballina

Friday 22nd January 2021

My big baby flies away with Erroll to visit Oma…and I miss him! I miss both of them! Its midnight, I’m flanked by sleeping babies, I rested them well this early afternoon, we three played in the park, I never once raised my voice to implore one of my children to read a book and to get off the phone, and tonight Kingsley broke my heart a little in a good way by sending me a beautiful message IN GREEK. The darling knows how important it is for me that we correspond together in Greek, and tonight he honoured it. He in Bangalow fresh out Oma’s pool and after a tasty burger, calling me leaving me a message telling me he misses means wishes I was there; that we were all there at Oma’s together. And that he loves me! I’ll forever keep that message.

My big boy read widely today between breakfast and packing, he read. Chose the study of silkworms as his first book of the day. And he even deigned to address Elektra for a moment! My lamb.