27-03-17 Metro Card

Monday 27th March 2017

I raged at Kingsley this evening. In public too. In a deranged loss of wits, I found myself shouting at a cowering Kingsley when we landed at the Financial Center Metro Station. Where is my ticketing card, Kingsley? Did you throw it away?? WHY DID YOU CHUCK AWAY MY METRO CARD??? He sure did – opening up the buggy’s top compartment and wildly tossing out its contents onto the metro floor under scores of commuter feet. The tissues and hair elastic I salvaged, however it didn’t occur to me that he’d also disposed of our fully loaded ticketing card. Fully cashed up! Grrr Kingsley.

Anyway, I kept my grudge for the entire duration of our walk home along our strip of Sheikh Zayed Road. For the first time in his three years of promenading this strip, Kingsley kept deathly quiet; he knew he was in the dog box. Once in, I instructed Kingsley to relay his misdemeanor to JiaJia Dora who exhibited the right balance of concern for both parties. Next Erroll skyped us and immediately Kingsley asked ‘when are you coming home Ba-Bah? I want you to come home now.’ Erroll of course melted but then I told Erroll why. Our little scamp tossed my Nol Card.

Its almost midnight now, I am still up watching good Greek programs with JiaJia Dora while Kingsley sleeps off his dinner and bath. To make things better (and me melt), Erroll sent these images of his trip to Atlantic City. Nol Card? What Nol Card… All is forgiven and forgotten Kingsley! Love is in the air…