13-11-20 Twins: Stoop

Friday 13th November 2020

I’m out most of the day enjoying lunch to celebrate Tiffany’s birthday at Barzura which means these two are with Erroll who naps them and drives them about.

But in the afternoon from 3pm I have them all to myself. We play in the warm light feeding the cat, me attempting to feed the kids but they prefer κουλουράκια dipped in Γιαγιά’s milky coffee. I do manage to feed Keanu roast potatoes and mashed fava beans. Elektra enjoys a midnight snack of a spoonful of honey chased by greek yoghurt, at the kitchen bench while Kingsley watches a new show called Operation OUCH.

Night 3 of new sleeping arrangements: Keanu with daddy, me with Kingsley and Elektra in Kingsley’s big bed. Its late by the time I can corral the kids into dinner, snack, wee, teeth, reading a book and watching a show, then Elektra passes out  as I read about the Greek hero Theseus.