23-06-20 Kingsley: School Photos

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

We’re so pleased that school photos day was shifted post Covid-19. Today our little man washed his face, brushed his teeth and styled his hair with daddy…then I got to it with a brush and slicked it down. Poor luv. Apologies darling.

On a brighter note, rugby league training restarts today. 4:30pm at Kensington Oval the Under 7’s as well as all the school boys begin training again. Erroll takes Kingsley while I buy nappies to last a year (they’re on sale at Coles Eastgate). He reports that the lads are energetic, unruly, wild and can’t keep a straight line let alone pass the ball. They want to tackle and rumble. But bloody covid stops all that. So for now its fitness training till the tournament starts in July.