07-02-18 Oz Day 17

Wednesday 7th February 2017

I received the morning and afternoon off while JiaJia Dora spent hours with her youngest grandson cooking (chicken & rice), baking (muffins), creating (plasticine shapes) and watering the garden. Yvette was my breakfast date then Jen Henry for midday, both at Bondi.

So once I came home at 4pm Kingsley was ready to get out of the house. His request – dog park down Alison Road. He rode his bike down practicing balance, then hopped right off once he spotted the 15 or so puppers prancing on the grass.

He kicked his shoes off, ran about with them, ate two bananas then found a tree to fertilise. Ran back to play with a little girl and her bouncy dog Hugo, before spotting the bubbler and staying there till he quenched the thirst of every panting dog at Bardon Park…