22-07-20 Twins: Centennial Park Swings

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

A day off a year and a half my most magic time, exhausted and exhilarated at the very same time. As usual my exhaustion stems from being stuck inside the house with these two. Exhilarating is being outdoors together, they enjoying the view, me strolling them for hours. Well we strolled and we enjoyed the outdoors of Centennial Park bike track but best of all these two party fiends show no fear for jumping on the equipment.

Elektra likes being pushed high when on the swing. Keanu likes to climb high on the castle then slide down. Both go from activity to activity and never tire though Keanu becomes delirious at one point as he wanders about then wanders straight into another kid’s shoe as that kid swings high into the air. Our boyo is knocked to the ground, then the tears, the gasps of air, I swoop down to cuddle him, Elektra still swinging high in her swing, and the only way to calm Keanu down is to pop him on the slippery slide. Instant smiles!

Later on a group of girls ask for a photo with Elektra. True story!