14-03-20 Kingsley: Antony Playdate

Saturday 14th March 2020

A dream day for our eldest: 1) sleeping in this morning till after 8, with me all fluffy and warm on this windy morning including lots of cuddles which we’ve not shared for far too long, 2) jiu-jitsu with daddy then a shop at Coles for yoghurt and croissant, 3) art class till 12:30 our King creating his own crown, 4) Playdate at ours with buddies Antony and Mikayla.

We begin and end the Playdate with icecreams fresh as the afternoon is kids don’t care all they want is tasty icecream. Antony is such a great kid adores Kingsley (mutual) and very well behaved. Parents Katrina & Daniel are quality people we all get along they looking after the twins while I serve up pizza and pasta.

Most games and toys are pulled out and played with beginning with a dinosaur floor puzzle then connectors then drawing, play-doh, board games and anything else in sight. House was pristine then 3. 5 hours later its a bomb.

But I can handle mess. What I can’t deal well with is arrogance and a being dismissed. So when I asked Kingsley to come do a wee in the loo, being ignored then dismissed then obsessively carrying the Ipad to the loo WHICH HE DROPS ON TILES SHATTERING THE SCREEN I get mad. And pissed off and upset.

He cries, he’s emotional shocked and really thrown. What will I tell daddy??! He’s nervous and doesn’t want to disappoint his dad. ‘You can tell him the truth’ I offer. More tears follow.

But our evening ends well with reading writing English and maths before passing out by 8pm.