05-06-18 Dorotheos’ Name Day

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Mumma Dora calls us this morning from Athens to wish Dorötheos a very happy names day for today being 5th of June is the feast day of Saint Dorötheos. Its her day too of course (and our cat’s at Coogee) so everyone is in jolly spirits. I call the school too. For sure Miss Xrisoūla will make a fuss for Kingsley in class!

Erroll makes a fuss for the champ this afternoon. Straight after school the boys head out to buy whatever Kingsley fancies. The loot consists of a) one bar of chocolate in a red wrapper, b) two cartons of chocolate milk, c) a sesame
kouloūri from the foūrno, and unwaveringly d) entrance for a swim in the Anchor Bar pool.

That was all packed in from 3:30 till 7:30 when the two prunes saunter in after action in the pool. They get milk and chicken pilaf for dinner (care of course of JiaJia Dora’s chicken broth) then lights out.

And by myself while the two boys snore in bed I get to enjoy the photos of rare alone time just Erroll and I as we took advantage of a) the weather, b) this extraordinary coastline, c) time to ourselves.