08-05-18 Farewell to Siaorse, Leo & Koa

Tuesday 8th May 2018

Its all systems GO for farewells today. Our first stop is Michele’s villa in the Springs to play with Siaorse while her bro Tiarnan is at school. We play dress-ups (Kingsley is the doctor while Siaorse wears all her new threads from Oz) then explore the garden. Kingsley’s obsession with frangipani trees continues. The kids drink far too much fruit juice drink but us mums don’t really care. by 2pm we’re at Tiarnan’s school to pick him up and our road trip to the Marina begins, for I am about to fulfil a promise made: to catch the Marina Tram. And indeed we do. Full loop

That’s the first half of the day. Second half is in soft-play heaven with the Badawi Boys. Only a few times were our three scamps so savage that we threatened to pull them out of the free soft-play. They were equal measures sweet and wild. Other mums certainly did give Kingsley the evil eye. Jodie and I managed to enjoy our cup of tea though before the wheels fell off.