11-03-19 Kingsley: Mummă Time

Monday 11th March 2019

We do it again: a sacred promise I keep. And that is to spend quality mumma-son time each day with yiu, son. Today was a corker too: from 3pm school pick-up till 8pm bedtime its just us two. Erroll is at work; Jiajia takes on the mighty twins so I am free to fetch you after school.

Darlings son, you are a force of nature. So strong! You use your entire body to tackle fellow kindy kids; I am used to seeing you in action each arvo. Today was no exception. Young James from the Red Class is ready to rumble on the astro turf. Its intense but this kid welcomes being body slammed. Both of you remove shoes so as to minimize damage!

And its the same at Jiu-jitsu: your mate Arthur is in class. He’s your energy twin. You’re off together rumbling. At one point Arthur collapses then slinks his way to us adults on the bench; Kingsley knocked the wind out of me. Its not a complaint. Just a statement of facts. They’re back on the mats getting their grips…