Kingsley: Bangalow Autumn ’16

May 2016

Oma is waiting for us at Ballina airport for her much anticipated reunion with her Grandson, when our plane touches down. Its been afew months since they saw one another, the last time being on December 4th when we three met at Bondi Junction straight after Tina’s return from Chiang Mai for an afternoon eating an inexpensive wrap. But this time was the sweetest thing, witnessed by the entire airport: Kingsley literally running into his Oma’s arms and hugging her for the longest time. We all wept from happiness. The emotion was contagious – strangers clapped and clutched their pearls.

This time our get together wasn’t a mere two hours at the food court of Westfields. This trip consists of four nights five days of playing in Oma’s garden, climbing the tree house, swimming in the pool, visiting a farm and going out to the Bangalow Pub on Friday night for wine and hot chips.

Here is our vacation in pictures…

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