17-03-19 Kingsley: Wet Weather

Sunday 17th March 2019

A mummy from Dubai asked how to deal with bad behavior in a toddler. Do I take away what he likes? Put him in naughty corner? Here is how I answered and how i have dealt – and continue to deal – with you. ..

Hi mumma! Go the opposite way: give him instructions on GOOD behaviour! Tell him hugs and kisses & cuddles are THE BEST then cuddle him. Explain when he’s sad or upset he can give cuddles etc. Then show him what you mean with a demonstration!

I asked one of my dearest pals who is a leading child psychologist in Sydney dealing with behaviour. She told me categorically positive changes in toddler behavior occur not from reprimand / withholding things but through modeling that positive change you want to see.

Its to do with their highers cognitive abilities & that toddlers have not yet any executive functions so can’t rationalize (make the cognitive leap from reprimand/removal of something to figuring out what is a good behaviour). The missing element must be demonstrated by the care giver!

Today it rains in biblical proportions. We complete puzzles and play games. You are a treasure Kingsley this rainy Sunday xxx